TRANSFORM windows 7 to ANDROID jelly beans OS


Hello there, wonder what is it about ANDROID OS that fascinates many people to have it. Yes it have Google’s name attached to it, here we cant provide you with a smartphone but yes you can have
a hands-on experience from your PC itself. Now you can have a look and feel of android latest offering that is JELLY BEAN OS, yes people from has done it for us, they created a skinpack for windows 7 that will transform 7 to Android Jelly Bean.

The main advantage of a Skin Pack over a Background Changer, is that the skin pack changes the complete look of your operating system. From the taskbar to the file and folder icons, everything is transformed into something new and different from what you used to have. You can install a different skin pack after sometime to keep the look fresh.

During installation, make sure that you uncheck the installation of Babylon toolbar to avoid getting unwanted software in your computer.

Installation is very easy, and a wizard guides you through the complete process. Check to install the UXTheme Patch, Files and Extras to install everything that comes with the skin pack.

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