Check if Image Is Edited or Not .


Hi Friends , have you ever wondered on seeing pic if it is edited or not. Sometimes your friends may claim that the particular pic is original but you doubt as it is Edited one.

Now a days due to advancement in technology, Softwares, it has become very dificult to judge a given pic whether it is edited or not.

but dont worry after reading this article of mine it will make it a lot easier.excited ?

Come lets check it out.

Requirement : JPEGsnoop – JPEG File Decoding Utility (skip ad and cont.)

Download it.size is just  500kb. After donwload complete unzip it. and run it. it will look like this :

Now, click on File>Open Image, locate the image the click on open.wait a sec and scroll down to the bottom.

There if the image is edited the result will be “ASSESSMENT: Class 1 – Image is processed/edited”

And if the pic is not edited then it will show you “ASSESSMENT: Class 4 – Uncertain if processed or originalWhile the EXIF fields indicate original, no compression signatures
in the current database were found matching this make/model”

Note = This software may show Scanned pic as Edited.

Keep visiting Keep learning.

Thank you For reading. 🙂

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