How To Buy The Best Computer According to Your Needs (Usefull tips)


Hi Computer FrEaK, Its been an issue to buy a pc according to your needs,Buying a Pc is not an easy task.,You have to analyse your Requirements and plan effectively, For example:- identify the RAM capacity you need, type of graphoc card, Hard drive, processor etc.

Here are some tips to purchase the best PC:-

Identify your needs:-

Primarily, you need to identify your computing needs. Are you a frequent internet user? Do you love playing games? Think how you want to utilise your new computer.

Select the one that satisfies your existing and future needs:-
Think intelligently before purchasing the device. For example if you are buying a PC that has video editing feature and if you’re not using device for that purpose, then it is of no use.

Value line computers:-

This type of PC’s is best for internet surfing, word processing, checking mails etc. Popular companies like Dell, HP and Gateway offer full-fledged value series package.

Enthusiastic line computers:-

These types of PC’s are best suitable for gaming and multimedia tasks. Dell is one of the prominent leading brands which serve your need.
Gaming line computers:-

If you are a regular gamer then this could be the right choice for you. These kinds of devices are well suitable for media creation, workstations. Dell’s XPS line, Alienware could be the right choice. If you are looking for this type of PC then it is the best option toBuild your own PC by purchasing different computer components.

Get the best deal:-

You need to compare the different computer models based on their processor speed, memory capacity, hard disk, video card and features.
Get alternatives:-

Take the advice of your friends or relatives before purchasing the personal computer. The best option to purchasethe individual components and assemble them rather than purchasing the package deal. This saves your money.


If you are planning to build your own PC, then recheck each component’s compatibility. For instance if you need mother LGA775 socket, then ensure that you get the same LGA775 CPU to enhance its performance. Focus on these compatibility factors


socket types, graphic card slot, memory, speed and performance.

CPU:- processor type Intel or AMD and socket type.

Storage:- concentrate on speeds i.e. PC3200/DDR400 or PC26400/DDR2800.

Power supply:- Identify how many watts of power is consumed for every component.

Configuration tools:- Popular companies like Dell offer web based configuration tool. You can customize your PC before purchasing it. This could be the best option where you can experience your PC and can clarify your doubts.
Shop around to get best deals and discounts. There are different varieties of PC’s available in the market. Retailers will cut down the price of the computers when a new model is released into the market. Take advantage of such deals where you can get the best quality PC at an affordable price.

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