How To Create System Restore Point In Windows 8/7


Hi all Computer FrEaKs, So today i will provide you very important tutorial on how to create system restore point in windows 8 and 7, It allows you to record computer’s current settings stored in the windows registry. you can go back when you install a program and it goes wrong, it is very easy to create a system restore point in windows 8/7. Follow the steps below to learn how to do it.

Create a system restore point in Windows 8/7.

  •  Click the Start button and in the search field type “Create a restore point” and click the appropriate command.
  •     In the next window, click Create.
  •     Enter a name to identify the restore point of Windows 8/ (and avoid confusion when restoring) and click Create.
  •     Now it only remains to wait for the process of creating a restore point finish.
I hope this tutorial prove to be usefull for you all.
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