How to Disable/Enable USB Ports on your Computer.


Hey FrEaKs today we will see howto Disable/Enable USB Ports on your Computer, You might have personal and sensitive information/Files on your pc. it can be sometime threatened with the presence of  USB ports,Therefore you might be happy to disable them when you are not around.

Disabling USB ports is an very easy task which is done through the Registry(If you have access to it)
So here in this tutorial i will guide you steps in order to disable it and again how to enable it .

How To Disable Access To Usb Ports On A Computer.

Click on “Start” and navigate to “Run”[you can use the search] or by simply clicking the Windows button + R.
Type “regedit” in the text box and hit “Enter”.

Now,navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\UsbStor

Click on UsbStor and at the right-panel,double click “START”
Now,in the Value Data box, set the hexadecimal value to 4 and finally click on “OK” and exit the Registry editor.That’s all for disabling USB ports.

Now,if you would like to re-enable an already disabled port,just:
Follow the instructions above and on getting to the Value Data box, replace “4” with 3 and that would be all.

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