How To Play Puzzle Game In VLC Player.


Hi everyone. As i said in my earlier post that exams are near and  am a bit busy, but i will try my best to update you all with latest Computer tricks and tips.

So now today we will see how to play puzzle game with your video In VLC player.
While playing a video in vlc you can puzzle up your video and try tu unpuzzle it with fun.

so lets check how it is done, Follow the below steps.

1) First of all opent VLC media player.

2) Now Click on Media tab and open any video you want to watch.

3)Now the trick begins, Now Navigate to  Tools –> Effect & Filters –> Video Effects –> Geometry.
Now you will see a box like this :

4)Tick mark The Puzzle game and also black slot as shown in the above picture. Thats it…. now click on close.

5)Thats it you will see your video is now puzzled and start solving the puzzle and have fun.
To Undo this you will have to do the same procedure and uncheck the Puzzle game and Black slot and close, Everything is back to normal now after having Fun.

I hope you learnt something new today and had fun with this cool trick.

Keep visiting. 🙂

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