Increase Your Broadband Speed (Easy)


Hey guys today i will show you how to increase you broadband speed.
Manny of you would have already used this trick. This tricks is known to few but New For manny.
lets see step by step.

A Simple Trick (XP only) will increase your Broadband Speed.

Today I Will Give You A Simple Trick For Increase Your Broadband Internet speed

Just Follow The Steps As Given Below-

STEP 1:- First of all click on Start Button.

STEP 2:-Select Run From Start Menu.

STEP 3:-Type gpedit.msc

STEP 4:-Expand the Administrative Templates branch.

STEP 5:-Now Expand the Network branch.

STEP 6:-Highlight QoS Packet Scheduler

STEP 7:-Double-click Limit Reservable Bandwidth (in Right Side Panel)

STEP 8:-Check Enabled

STEP 9:-Change Bandwidth limit % to 0 %

STEP 10:-Click OK Button.

STEP 11:-Restart Your PC.

STEP 12:-Now Check Your Broadband Speed.

That’s All

You will feel the difference.

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