5 Fresh IOS 7 Features that will Impress Apple Device Users

5 Fresh IOS 7 Features that will Impress Apple Device Users

Mobile operating systems make Smartphones highly functional among users. IOS or the operating system installed in Apple devices is perhaps the pioneer of OS installed in portable devices. It’s famous for extreme responsiveness, smooth performance, and interactive features. After several generations and updates, Apple developers are proud to present iOS 7 for hardcore Apple device fans. It flaunts remarkable iOS 7 features that are guaranteed to please users.


IOS 7 is available with the latest iPhone releases and the following features will blow you away.

Fresh interface

Apple updates iOS features regularly and each time it releases new versions. However, its interface remains the same through the years. IOS 7, on the other hand, is designed with a fresh user interface that looks less intimidating to use and with appeal that will certainly stun Apple device buyers.

Looking at the interface itself, it seems that the background image and icons highlight unique appearance, making it look interactive although the icons or the wallpaper don’t move. This optical illusion effect gives way to comfortable viewing that you won’t experience with the earlier iOS versions.

Notification center

This update is labeled as one of the notable iOS 7 features due to its offered convenience. It serves like a one-stop notification hub for users as it delivers updates from communication, news, weather forecast, traffic and a lot more. Simply check the tab and learn about important details that you should know for the day.

Camera features taken to the next level

Cameras installed in iPhones are undoubtedly made with high caliber construction, letting you take clear photos all the time. This feature, however, is taken to the next level with iOS 7 features focusing on image capture. Instead of taking simple photos, the new OS lets you take regular photo, panoramic photo, and videos in one platform. Moreover, it offers filter options for enhanced picture output that suits your preference.

Easy multitasking procedures

Multitasking is made easy with the improvements that come with iOS 7 features. Pressing the Home Button twice will show the programs currently running on a preview interface. If you want to close a program, simply swipe away the app from the preview and it will close automatically. No need to open the app at its full view just to stop it from running.

Improvements on Siri

Siri, the famous voice application, is enhanced as part of the new iOS 7 features. Well, it’s not a new app, but it’s improved with more natural-sounding voices, which make the program easier to understand. It’s also empowered to work with more tasks including iTunes radio control, voicemail playback, source checking, and a lot more.

Designed to match entrepreneurs of today

Entrepreneurs will find license management, data safekeeping, and promoting better security as the best features to work for their mobile operations or tasks. Slick performance is also guaranteed to avoid wasting time, which is precious for business owners.

Fresh iOS 7 features are assured to satisfy users of different profile. It’s available for new iPhone models while current device owners can check its compatibility to install it on their current devices.


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