5 iPhone 5C Features Consumers will Adore

5 iPhone 5C Features Consumers will Adore

Apple takes its products to the next level and when the company announced new devices in the market, many people look forward to what the latest products will offer. The market is surprised, or probably not, when the company released iPhone 5S and 5C.

While iPhone 5S highlights its elegant design and promising features, a lot of buyers are all eyes to iPhone 5C. Most are in awe of the offered iPhone 5C features while others question its capabilities. Get to know this latest Apple phone’s features and see how they will work for you.

Color your world

It took Apple five generations before diverting from the usual ebony and ivory finishes on its devices. Undoubtedly, iPhone 5S also has classy design and with addition of new color. However, 5C stands out with its trendy color that many fashionable consumers look for today.

Apple lets users color their iPhone 5C in different ways. First, the model is available in five trendy colors. Candy-colored cases match buyers’ personality and overall fashion statement.

Second, removable protective cases that come in six colors can be placed on the phone to accent its design. Five of the case colors are the same as the phones and with black option for added appeal. Users can choose to get the same color on their protective cases or use different choices to accent the design. It’s about your personality and preference.

Quality plastic phone cover

Phone cover

IPhone 5C is marketed as the cheaper iPhone offered for budget conscious consumers. The cover or case is among the iPhone 5C features that made the product more affordable. Unlike the usual iPhone cases, 5C’s pastel-colored case is made from cheaper plastic. Nevertheless, the company used reinforced plastic, which is still durable compared to conventional plastics used on mobile phones. The plastic case is lined with steel band that retains the same iPhone feel that consumers love.

Extended battery life

Countless consumers rant about the unimpressive battery life of earlier iPhone generations and this feature is one of the differences 5C offers. With iPhone 5C’s battery, users can browse the internet using LTE or WiFi connection longer than before. Standby battery life reaches up to 25 hours.

IOS 7 and its unique feature

IOS 7 is installed in this mobile phone model, allowing new users to enjoy the power of the fresh iOS. Packed with more than 100 remarkable features and capabilities, this operating system version also lets you customize its interface color with the case finish, ensuring utmost customization that you want.

4G LTE connection

People who got earlier iPhones also complained about the expensive mobile phone’s lack of 4G LTE support. The good news is people who will upgrade their devices to iPhone 5C will now get powerful 4G LTE connection as offered by many network carriers today.

These are just five of the many iPhone 5C features that you’ll enjoy in owning the latest device. It’s now possible for people wishing to save money to enjoy iPhone at cheaper price, but without sacrificing quality as established by the famous mobile device manufacturer.


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