Free version of EaseUS Data Recovery software- Does it make sense to purchase?

Free version of EaseUS Data Recovery software- Does it make sense to purchase?


The need of such software-

We have all faced the situation. The hard disk crashes or the screen of death flashes and we lose all our content. Some other times, in an effort to save space we end up removing files that we actually do need. The worst is when we clear the recycle bin and then search for the same data. These scenarios have given rise to the section called as free data recovery software. Over the past many years, we have seen a number of very good companies laid stake to the claim of being the best here. Today we review the trial version of the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard.


When you read the technical specifications of the software, you will come across a number of recovery options. The makers of the software have stated that they can offer hard drive recovery, recovery from the recycle bin and recovery from plug and play memory modules. The software claims to be compatible with hard-drives that have been partitioned using the EXT, FAT, and NTFS options. It also states that it can recover information from damaged portions of the hard disks.

Firsthand experience-

When we installed the trial version, we were informed that we could recover up to a gigabyte of data using this version. For a higher amount, we needed to purchase the paid version. About the interface, there were no limitations. We found that the interface of the latest EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard had been improved. The best part was that it was able to function on the Windows 8 platform.

The interface uses a wizard to guide you through the data recovery process. You have the option of choosing between recovering a deleted file, recovering a partition as well as a complete recovery. Among the free data recovery software section, this software has a well-organized help section.

Does it work?

Well, this is the primary question isn’t it? We decided to test it out on one of our badly damaged hard drives. The drive had around one gigabyte of data in the form of media files. However, due to the badly damaged partition, we were unable to access it.

We had noted down the names of a number of files. When we installed the hard disk, we ran this utility to find those files. The software allowed us to bypass the damaged portion completely once we ran the wizard. It also worked smoothly when we ran the hard drive recovery option.

Final result-

The software does what it says. Even with the gigabyte restriction, we were able to recover a number of important files in their original form. However, that being said, you would need to purchase the full version. The smooth operations of this software mean that you will never stop using it. (FYI- It faced no issue with a USB operated memory drive). As long as you do not empty the recycle bin with a secure deletion option, this is a must have software.

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