UnoDNS – DNS Based Service Lets You Access Blocked Channels

UnoDNS – DNS Based Service Lets You Access Blocked Channels


Instead of being VPN based, UnoDNS is based on DNS and their service can perform different things. First of all, it is so effective that it will help you access and control blocked channels like Hulu, Netflix, BBC iPlayer and etc. from different parts of the world by pressing just one button. Some of their supported channels are Discovery US, Dishworld, Disney, Discovery UK, Disney XD, Discovery Canada, Comedy Central, CNBC, CNN, Cartoon Network, TMC, Travel Channel, TV2 Play, TV2 Norway, Xbox Music, Yahoo Screen, Zattoo Germany, Zattoo Switzerland, Zattoo Spain, ZDF and even more. Here are our supported channels list:


The main difference between conventional VPN services and UnoDNS is that UnoDNS provides a lot faster connection for video streaming with their services as compared to traditional VPN services. Unlike VPN and various other solutions, they don’t have any ‘middle man’ on their service. As a result, the viewers can directly stream from the media station like BBC iPlayer, Netflix and etc. with complete web speed. In addition to that, users can easily stream visual content on virtually all the devices connected to the internet with their services, like video game consoles, tablets, smart TV and even more. A lot of VPN services can be accessed only on Mac and PC.


In addition to that, they have introduced an advanced and new feature known as UnoDNS Dynamo. This feature facilitates the users switch between the regions of channels. For instance, you can stream from any of the possible and available 10 Netflix regions (with having same account). UnoDNS Dynamo is a sensible and smart DNS technology with which you can select channels from other countries. It has been introduced by UnoTelly Team. Unlike common proxy services or DNS on which you are limited only to the UK and US, UnoDNS Dynamo gives you access to the Netflix services from Finland, Brazil, and Mexico. You can use it to switch from various Netflix regions to enjoy better title selections.


For 8 days, you can also give UnoDNS Gold a try for free, according to your subscription options. You can easily opt for free trial for 8 days. You can find our 8 Day free trial here:  .When the free trial period is over, you have to choose either Gold package or Platinum package in order to keep using this service. Both Gold and Platinum DNS packages can access all the channels supported by DNS. The only change you will feel is that bonus UnoVPN service is included in Gold package.


VPN can be used to access any websites based on UK or the US which your DNS service doesn’t support. With bonus VPN service, you can also download Android applications from Google Play store from the US or UK. When it comes to port speeds and bandwidth limits, we would like to inform you that you will not have to bear any bandwidth limit with UnoDNS and you will enjoy same streaming speed like without using the service. You can conduct internet speed test to check it out. They support some channels like Amazon Instant, HBO Nordic, BBC iPlayer, Netflix, etc. for monthly subscription.

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