Auto StandBy Pro – Excellent and Comprehensive for System Power Management

Auto StandBy Pro ready to deliver excellent and comprehensive features for system power management

With successful digital media revolution, people are now capable of using desktops and systems on daily basis to perform different types of computational tasks, internet uses and posting new articles on the personal blogs. For those fresh and layman users that are not capable of administering and managing the power management capabilities of the system, Auto StandBy Pro is an excellent tool which will give you the ease and convenience. Of course, this brilliant software has been designed in a specific manner which takes care of your power needs and computers usage statistics.


User Interface and interactive windows

Although the latest version of Auto StandBy Pro 1.02 has been released recently with advanced and excellent features, the magnet of this tool always remains the easy user interface and interaction techniques of the tool. Users will never have to worry about the sophistication, complicated procedures and other difficulties that other power management utilities available on the internet try to offer you. This tool has got subtle and genuine features that can be accessed with ease where no knowledge of technology or computer-expertise skills is required. On the other hand, the software tool has also got interactive, crisp clear and comprehensive windows for the users that will display quality tabs with accurate and current statistics. Likewise, the Activity Monitoring Window and Rules Table Window with provide you subjective information about the display features, SQL connectivity, remote desktop, user activity, disc activity and even Live TV features with customizable action-asking prompts that will make the task easier.

Awesome features of Auto StandBy Pro

Executable actions can be easily performed on your system with the advanced features of Auto StandBy Pro that will make your job and interests much interesting. Some of the interesting options and features of this power management software utility are mentioned below –

  • windows Services
  • CPU/Disc/Network Activity
  • Restart, Sleep, Lock Computer, Hibernate, Shut Down, Log Off, Prevent Sleep/Hibernation
  • Http Get/Post Requests
  • User/Keyboard/Mouse activity
  • User/System Process

Apart from these interesting and customizable features, the excellent Auto StandBy Pro tool will also give you an option for waking up of computer from hibernation and sleeping state so that you can turn on your system on the previously scheduled date or time.

Free trial option with good customer support

Users will be much happier to find the option of free trial so that they can easily test the current performance and features offered by the Auto StandBy Pro tool. It is of great use to those users that have not used or purchased such a power management utility for their personal computers. In addition to all these, the valued user will also get excellent customer support from the software manufacture so that your queries and concerns are effectively addressed. More and more information can be accessed by the valued users through FAQs and latest news section which will target a major portion of your difficulties and relevant concerns.

The Auto StandBy Pro is available at very affordable price for the complete registration which will cover the future updates that are ought to fix bugs and issues.




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