How to Transfer Music from your iPhone to new computer using TouchCopy

How to Transfer Music from your iPhone to new computer using TouchCopy

So, you have bought a new computer for personal use? It can be daunting if you’re wondering how to save your favorite music, photos and other important data on the new machine. However if your favorite music files and photos are on your iPhone already, it is easy for you to retrieve these using TouchCopy, a premier App that works by copying content from your iPod, iPhone or iPad to iTunes. Quick and easy transfer of music is the first important feature this app possesses. So, don’t forget to utilize this outstanding App whenever you want to replace your computer or reinstall the operating system.


What is TouchCopy?

TouchCopy is compatible to work with all kinds of iPad, iPhone and iPod. Due to its extensive properties and outstanding efficiency of data transfer and retrieving, TouchCopy has become a ‘must have’ app for all those people who fear to lose their iTunes because of replacement of computer or due to data corruption. As well as being able to retrieve your music files, TouchCopy will save your iPod, iPhone and iPad videos, photos, iOS Apps and iBooks to your iTunes library safely. You can also copy other audio content such as Audiobooks, Podcasts and iPhone ringtones, as backup your iPhone messages and voice mails.

Download TouchCopy now

To offer you the chance of evaluating the class and quality of services offered by this extensive software, you are provided with a TouchCopy free download version of it. The free version will retrieve 100 songs or videos from our iPod, iPhone or iPad completely free of charge. On the other hand, those who love its performance can opt for buying the full version of TouchCopy online at $29.99, which gives a benefit of unlimited songs and other file transfer as well as regular free updates. The last but not the least to say is that this special app has great performance when you want to restore your files quickly and safely by transferring it from an iOS device to your computer or even when you simply want a back up your significant data.


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