Cloud Backup Robot: User-Friendly and Intuitive Data Backup Software


There are few other companies like Cloud Backup Robot. The service provides a user-friendly and intuitive solution to computer data backup (including files, folders, and MSSQL Server databases) in the form of comprehensive and reliable software. Copies of your files are automatically made and sent to be stored safely in the cloud.

Benefits of Cloud Storage

The benefits of cloud storage cannot be overstated. Simply put, even the best computers won’t work forever. Accidents happen. Viruses mess things up. Computers are stolen. Hard drives fail over time. So why live with the risk of your valuable data being lost forever if one of these disasters happens to you.
With Cloud Backup Robot, all of these negative scenarios are mitigated. If one of them does happen, you can rest assured knowing that your information is safely secured in one of several cloud storage services (including Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, OneDrive, and Amazon S3). Cloud storage is the best computer backup solution around today.

Feature One: Wizard-Based Functioning

Though it is a relatively new service, Cloud Backup Robot is widely considered one of the easiest to use cloud backup services. The main reason for this is its wizard-based functioning.

The application uses a standard wizard to guide you through the operation process. Sure, this might be slightly annoying to those experienced with such software, but it is a great help to those that are unfamiliar with the included tools. It helps ensure the success of the software and the safety of your backed-up data.

Once you complete all of the steps in the wizard, the program presents you with a list of the tasks in the main window. It then gives you the option to run backups on demand and edit the parameters for future backups.

Feature Two: Flexible Automatic Scheduling

Another key feature of Cloud Backup Robot are the extensive and flexible options for automatic backup scheduling for files, folders, and SQL databases.

The automatic scheduling feature is also simple and easy to use. You can swiftly schedule backup tasks and select which cloud storage service you would like the files sent to. There is even the option to encrypt files if you desire.

Additional Features

Cloud Backup Robot comes with a number of additional features including:


  • Quick and fast configuration
  • Compatible with Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Box, and Amazon S3
  • Automatically removes unnecessary backup files
  • Available with free backup restoration software

How Much Does Cloud Backup Robot Cost?

Naturally, pricing is an important factor to consider when purchasing any product or service. And despite the high quality of Cloud Backup Robot, its price remains rather competitive.

There are three main licenses offered for the software. Each of these is a one-time purchase that allows you to use the service without an expiration. However, the two cheaper licenses only include software updates to volume 1.9. The more expensive service includes free unlimited software updates.

Lite is the cheapest license at $29.95. Standard is in the middle at $59.95. And Professional comes in at $179.95. Though many might be able to get by fine with the Lite license, we recommend a Professional license for the most thorough and effective service possible.

So What’s the Verdict on Cloud Backup Robot?

There are a lot of great cloud backup services out there. But few, if any, are quite as great as Cloud Backup Robot. Several affordable options are available, each with a number of efficient and easy-to-use features. It is simply a user-friendly and intuitive backup application for making sure that your computer files, data, and information are kept safe and sound.

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