Introducing Cybertron – Privacy Eraser


Everyone in the modern time wants to keep it’s privacy secured; in order t keep this demand of mind, many leading software manufacturers are working in the direction of developing strong privacy erasers. In this series, the privacy eraser software by cybertronsoft has been launched with lots of beneficial features. The main thing to know here is that it is easy to use and offers simple solutions for protecting your privacy. The software works extensively by deleting the browsing history and other activities you carry out in your system. Only one click operation is enough to erase all the digital footprints from your computer such as cookies, browser history, typed URLs, address bar history, web browser caches, windows run history, search history, recent documents, temporary files, log files, error reporting, clipboard, dns caches, saved passwords and many more.

What are the main features of privacy eraser?

Privacy eraser is highly supportive to professional people and for those who need to keep their data secured and approachable. Cleaning every kind of history, searches and passwords is possible only through a single click with this powerful privacy erasing software. Whether you talk about web browsers or about windows as operating system, the excellent privacy eraser by cybertronsoft is good to delete all the data you want, safely.

The software has been designed with various security levels from simple zero (1 pass) to Peter Gutmann (35 passes) and custom wipe methods etc to delete internet history. the file shredder system employed for work here is good enough to erase selected files in the way that no any chance of their recovery remains behind. Another important application to know about this extensive software is awesome drive wiper that works to wipe even hidden sites on your drives. Every part of the drive along with the contents of erased files are wiped well leaving the drive like a fresh one. Third party applications affiliated to the program are good enough to clean even traces of leading applications. Extension of β€˜delete history’ features is also possible in this way.

How the software is supportive?

The best thing to know about privacy eraser by cybertronsoft is that it is compatible to work in variety of web browsers such as Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Internet explorer, Opera and so on. Apart from this, it also supports various plugins through which you can extend cleaning features of the software. Over 250 free plugins have been embedded in the software that support lots of popular programs to delete history such as MS office, Adobe reader, Windows media player, VLC media player and Google toolbar. When it comes upon operating systems, the privacy eraser software works with windows XP, windows Vista, Windows 7 and 8 and also totally compatible to work with various types of file systems. Designed according to the international standards, this software is trustworthy to secure your privacy as the data erased through this application cannot be recovered ever.

The last but not the least thing to know about the privacy eraser is that you can set it to run automatically whenever you close the browser or at the time when you want to delete internet history. Alternatively, you can plan monitoring the windows system for detection to erase data time to time.


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