Plagiarism Checkerx, Detect Plagiarism in contents easily now

Plagiarism Checkerx, detect plagiarism in contents easily now

Detecting plagiarism in contents has become an important deal now. Whether you work as a management of a content writing firm or you want to check your research papers, assignments and contents for plagiarism, nothing is possible without an efficient plagiarism detector. One of the reliable and accurate tools to check plagiarism is plagiarismchecker X; it offers you a simple and convenient way to check authenticity of certain content just within a few moments.

Who can enjoy services of this tool?

This extensive plagiarism detector helps everyone who wants to check uniqueness of their content, blogs and journals. Whether you are a student working on an assignment or you are content manager, requirement of this tool is equal for all those people who belong to the world of writing, content research, journalism and content marketing. In this way, plagiarismchecker X is used frequently by article marketers, researchers, journalists, content managers, teachers and students.

How this tool is different from others?

Plagiarismchecker X has been designed in an exclusive way that it works better than other tools offering the same function. Although, it works for detection of plagiarism basically like all the other plagiarism detectors but some additional features found in this toll are unlike other tools of the same category. For example, Plagiarismchecker X can Crosscheck different repositories with each other and provide the comparison results. Also, it highly compatible with different file formats such as doc, docx, PDF, rtf and so on. Similarly, this tool possesses extensive compatibility with various windows 8, windows 8, XP and vista.


As this tool is available in 7 different languages all over the world i.e. Spanish, English, German, Dutch, Portuguese, French and Italian, it is frequently being used by over 60 countries all around the world including India, Indonesia, USA, UK, Malaysia, Germany and Canada. Apart from offering you quick and accurate results regarding plagiarism, this tool offers you side by side comparison of documents for checking similarities. The tool shows original and alternate content clearly when it is detected to be duplicate. And lastly, it’s the only tool of its kind that doesn’t store data.

Why should you choose this tool?


Apart from the basic plagiarism detection service, Plagiarismchecker X is good for extensive service features present in it. Bloggers, web content writers, publishers and content providers use this tool for analysis of the quality of their content. This helps them to avoid charges by the search engine. Secondly, it works by analyzing keywords means finding out number of occurrence and density ratio of keywords is possible now with this tool. The most important thing to know here is that people who have lots of assignments daily to check can now simplify their work through single click. Teachers and content managers who need to go to multiple assignments every now and then will find this application far useful and supportive.

In order to have a trial of this application, one can choose the basic plan which is FREE of cost. Apart from this, you can download the pro version for minimal charges annually or the Enterprise version for bulk license.

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