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Bingo games have become one among the top entertaining online getaways for many people all around the world. The most important thing to know in this direction is that the number bingo game lovers is increasing day by day. That’s why; people who love enjoying bingo games find awesome online deals to play these games. Bingo Bash is a well known app possessing all new features for this kind of gaming. By joining the bingo bash app, you will be able to get in touch of more than 4 million players from international level. Winning more than 350 levels, over 50 ideas of playing and adding new rooms every fortnight will be great fun for you here. Introduced with wheel of fortune Bingo as the brand new room, Bingo Bash is preferred by millions of Bingo game lovers all around the world.

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Enjoy USA’s first game show


America has become a reputed destination for bingo and casino players. A noteworthy point to note about Bingo Bash is that it has represented the combination of the first game show and first bingo of America together as a unique partnership. Wheel of fortune is the new bingo room that offers unprecedented bonuses when you play the game. The all you should understand is that you just need spinning the wheel to win the minigame. There are lots of good and exciting features to add lots of pleasure and fun to your game.


Know about those top class gaming features here –

  • Enjoy chatting in private chat rooms with your friends
  • Play real time bingo games and team up for scoring bonus
  • Awesome bingo rooms such as Pot of Gold, Wild West and Perfect Crime can be unlocked by you
  • Huge power ups, gems and collectibles and credits earned through gaming spice up the game

How to play the game?

With Bingo Bash app, you need nothing but to enter to the 50 wonderful and exclusive rooms. Pick the bingo cards to play and daub the numbers called out. There are 13 different ways to score more through this app. Try to earn more and more collectibles and win goodies. Try always to unlock latest levels and new rooms by spinning the wheel for MEGA wins. Wonder rooms and seasonal rooms of the app have been designed extensively to catch attention of players.

Live your fantastic imagination

As mentioned earlier that the wonder rooms and exclusive rooms in Bingo Bash meet the demand of exciting fun deals in this Bingo app, you will find way to love your imagination here, no doubt. Whether you love to fly on the sky or you are interested in scaling the Great Wall of China, Bingo bash has been designed to make your time joyous and lovely to spend leisure. On the other hand, some classic seasonal rooms are there such as thanksgiving room, zombie bash and so on. You can also surprise your friends through huge power ups and surprise gifts.

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