Coolmuster- The iPhone Backup Extractor

Losing a precious mobile like iPhone is certainly not bliss and the worse thing is to lose all your contacts, messages and important data inside it. Although loss of mobile may not always be the case, the data extraction can be required anytime for other purposes also. You need to be ready with data extractor software and if you have an iOS device Coolmuster is the best option for you. Things can be made pretty easier if you take help of professionaliPhone Backup Extractor software like Coolmuster. It’s like a boon for the iPhone owners who wish to extract iPhone from backup without connecting it to any other source.It’s simple to use and easily available on demand.


Utility of Coolmuster

Generally many people who have the iTunes backup file might think that it’s easy to recover data if they have it but the fact is that the iTunes backup file is not like the other simple files also it’s not readable. It means even if you have backup file it’s not easy to recover the data without extractor software. Here the role of Coolmuster comes into play. It’s cool software which is compatible with all the iOS devices.


With this amazing software you can do the following:

  • With the use of iTunes backup file you can extract important data on Windows, without connecting the iOS device to PC.
  • Recover important data like images, contacts, call logs etc. of the lost or damaged iPhone
  • Extract messages from iPhone backup easily


Many times the entire data is not so important, only specific files are important. If it’s the case then this iPhone backup extractor is just perfect for your use. It has the ability to choose only specific files and recover only those which are important. On the other hand if the entire iPhone iTunes backup is needed on windows, you can get that also.

The Coolmuster comes with a cool preview mode feature which allows the users to check and view the files which you want to recover. This feature helps you in choosing the right files which are important and those which are not can be left untouched. The list preview mode and thumbnail option allows you to check the lost files and extract them.

Time Factor

The time consumed for file backup is very less and effective and the end result that you get is also amazing. Each file is listed and categorized separately in Windows.


Coolmuster is compatible with all the latest and old models of iphone and also with iPad and Ipod in some cases. Also it supports all the latest versions of Windows starting from Windows 2000 to the latest version.


The software has a smooth, intuitive and user-friendly interface which makes the entire extraction process as easy as eating a cake.

It’s one of its kinds of iPhone extraction tool specially meant for extract iPhone backup from iTunes on Windows and also for extracting important files with just a single click.

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