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Have you ever imagined about an excellent software program that secures your computer from intruders in an ultimate way? Well, the new forever safe program has been designed with an interesting feature that you can’t resist this tool from installing in your computer. You will like this file locker program for its efficiency of catching intruders red-handed. In this way, people who try to intrude your devices not get fails in their attempt but also their snaps are taken instantly by your webcam and sent to you through emails by this program. The free trial and pro version of forever safe program is available now and definitely this awesome concept will impress you about the program. You need nothing but to spend $19.99 for pro version as one-time fee in order to protect your confidential files. Head here to know more:


Secure your sensitive data

In the modern time, cases of hacking and unauthorized intrusion in computer devices are going frequent. People who want to hack your files can be resisted simply now as forever safe offers you strong password secured protection. Under the free trial version of the encryption program, you can use this tool without any cost for 7 days. The first priority of this tool is to offer you high standard security from intruders. You can believe upon this program for the reason it is constantly updated with new and smart features.

Why should you use forever safe?

It is very important for you to offer state-of-the-art security to your confidential data. You will not like your important file to be stolen, damaged or deleted by an intruder. In order to assure that your system is fully secured, you need to install something advance and powerful as 24×7 protection. This is why; you should use forever safe software. This double layer security program even resists intruders to get access to your web browser.

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How to set up the program?

So, start your way to experience an advance PC files, programs and folder security. In the initial step, you need nothing but to install the fantastic security you have not experienced till now. After completing the installation of file locker program, follow the steps given below –

  • Fill the password recovery information and email address for future consent and select a color as the first layer of security
  • Follow instructions and guidelines given for the second layer security
  • Check that your pattern is ready and be ready to roll further
  • Right click on the folder, program or file and select secure with forever safe.

This is all set now. Your file and programs are secured with this powerful software after these few simple steps.

Contact to the customer support desk

So, if you have decided to secure your privacy with forever safe now, you can contact to the customer care executives online. They are always ready to fulfill your expectations and resolve your queries. As they are customer friendly and professionally expert, you need not to hesitate for contacting to them any time. So, are you ready to discover the all new encryption software service for keeping your confidential safe?



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