How to Retrieve Deleted Messages from iPhone?

So, you are one among those proudy iphone holders who find carrying this awesome device cool. Well, many times you might have undergone from the situation where you think that you should know some more features and tricks to hold this cool device. In this series, knowing the idea of retrieving deleted text messages from iPhone is also important. If you have deleted any important text message accidentally, you should not feel any panic condition as you can recover it simply.


IPhone offers huge amount of memory to store lots of text messages. Here are three ways to retrieve lost data in IPhone –

First way

Use iPhone data recovery software for recovering deleted iPhone text messages

You can find good and reliable data recovery tools for Max devices as they help a lot for retrieving the lost data. Whether you want to recover any important text message, photo, video or you want to get access to your contacts and call records which have been deleted, you need nothing but to just syncing your device with iTunes first. In order to recover deleted iPhone text messages, you need nothing but to install special data recovery software in your device. After installation of this software onto Mac, you need to click run for getting a free scanning session. After the scanning session completes, you will find that the software support all kinds of iPhone devices and is totally compatible with the latest Mac devices too. In this way, you can retrieve all your lost data and messages with data recovery software designed specially for Mac.

Second way

Recover text messages with iTunes

Second good way for recovering your lost away data in iPhone is to recover use itunes. Through this method, you will be able to recover only those messages which were deleted since last sync with iTunes. If you choose the idea of using iTunes for retrieving lost messages in iPhone, you need nothing but to follow the steps described below –

First step

Set up a connection of your iPhone with computer using a USB cord. Once after connecting your iPhone with computer, take care of not allowing your phone to syn with iTunes to connect automatically, automatic synchronization will help you no longer for recovering the deleted texts in iPhone.

Second step

Use the connection of iPhone to iTunes for back up. For this purpose, select preferences, then backup from iTunes and then right click on your iPhone to choose back up.

Third step

Select restore option under the preference tab for restoring the data of iPhone. Once after restoring lost data of your iPhone, the data will be erased after installation of firmware. So, you should be sure that you create the backup successfully.

Fourth step

The last step is just to back up lost text messages and restore the data you have backed up; this will also include all the deleted text messages.

This message is a little complicated to manage as careless operation can erase all the data from iPhone.

Third way

Recovery of lost data after jailbreaking

Jailbreaking the device is also a way to use for recovering the deleted text messages. After you jailbreak the device, you need to launch Cydia and install undeleted SMS App. Then rebooting the device and recovering deleted iPhone texts by just clicking on the icon of undeleted SMS. Select OK and you will see all the deleted texts as plain text on your screen.

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