Introducing Mp3 Website Scanner plus Alarm


Introducing Mp3 Website Scanner plus Alarm, a utility app for finding, storing, organizing, and playing mp3 files found on websites, and optionally (and recommended) setting those mp3s as alarms. The app scans a given website for .mp3 files, displays them in a list, and lets the user pick and choose what to download and listen to. It also enables you to schedule mp3 alarms. I personally use it to wake up to news broadcasts. I was frustrated with downloading mp3s on mobile devices. You usually have to long-touch the link, then choose save link as, then open up with an mp3 player that I have installed. That is an annoying process, you have to literally open up the web browser, wait, and then open up another app, and repeat. My new app eliminates this procedure. You can simply save a url, press the scan button, and play the mp3 right from the same app. You can do way more though. You can create playlists from downloads, you can set single alarms, you can make a playlist, and set the whole playlist to go off as an alarm, with a snooze interval between tracks! You don’t know how cool this is until you try it. You can wake up to news reports, or your favorite talk shows, and have a another one of your downloaded shows play after an interval of your choosing. When an alarm goes off, and starts to play, a convenient notification appears in the notification list, where you can stop the playback. Even if you do not have the app open, you can get back to the app by clicking on the notification. You can find the app on the Google play store .

Another interesting feature is the ability to record your own voice, and add it to a playlist, or set it as an alarm. This is great if you want to remember something in the morning. Instead of taking a real paper note, which you still might not read, you can leave yourself a voice reminder. Because data usage is a concern, I have added a wifi-only setting, so that if your wifi is not on, you will not be able to scan urls for mp3s, or download mp3s. You don’t have to use this setting, but if you want to enable it, you can do so via the settings menu. You can erase all items easily, with an ‘X’ button, in all listviews. You can erase mp3s, playlists, and you can cancel all alarms, or one out of all of your alarms, with the ‘manage alarms’ screen.

What are you waiting for, completely change the way you download and listen to your mp3 files, and start scheduling some mp3 alarms. You will love this app. You can see all the activity of SpecificApps by visiting

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