Get the Best Remote Control Software App for Android here

Android users might have been looking for excellent remote control software. In this direction, many efficient and proven tools have been launched time to time. If you are willing to get the best remote control software for android, nothing can be better option than vectir remote control app. Due to it’s user friendly features, the software has gained much popularity among android users. Know more about this exciting app here –


System control facility

By using the vectir remote control software, you will be able to control your operating system involving keyboard, mouse, system commands etc. Commands like shut down etc. can be given easily to the system by using this extensive app.

Bluetooth remote control

People who want to prefer Bluetooth for establishment of a remote control route, this PC remote control software app is the best choice. It will help you control your PC from a smart phone in which Bluetooth is enabled.

Application control software

One of the most important things to learn about this software system is that comes with pre-loaded support for numerous reputed software applications. Various applications like Winamp, iTunes, Windows Media Player, Power-point can be controlled easily with the vectir remote control app.

Remote desktop

Remote desktop is the most important feature for those who want to connect to their computer remotely. By using this software, you can easily get access to your computer’s desktop. Remote view and control of your computer is possible with this special app. Who is not like to get access to the desktop of its computer from a smart phone? This is the way, how you can pass commands to your computer.

Remote profiles and visual designer

One more thing to know about the vectir remote control software is that it offers you the chance of interaction with PC application through your mobile phone. The remote profile feature helps you in this. You can browse playlists, skip tracks, view song information, change slide and many more.

Apart from this, a remote profile visual designer is there that offers you the way to customized remote profiles through your mobile phone.

Why do you require remote control software?

Professionals require possessing reliable remote control software for the reason they want to get distant access to their PC many times. By using the vectir PC remote control app for android, you will be able to work in your computer from home as you are in office physically. Secondly, this is a great tool for team collaboration. It comes with remote desktop, IR remote control, HTPC remote control, wifi remote control, Bluetooth remote control, remote profiles and remote desktop etc. This easy to use software is something that works as the primary interface for interacting with the computer remotely.

You can open multiple windows at a time that offers you with the facility of monitoring multiple computers simultaneously. The software window can be resized, minimized as the typical windows.

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  • March 3, 2016 at 6:57 am

    You may try R-HUB remote support server. It works on Android, iOS, Windos, MAC, Unix, Linux etc.


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