How to Count Number of Words on your Web Browser?

How to count number of words on your web browser?


So you are wondering how many words and characters are in the text you are typing? Well, you are at the right place; this post will tell you an awesome way to count the number of words in a piece of writing right at the web browser. This becomes very handy when you work on a task where number of words and limitations of word count play significant role. For instance, if you are working on an essay, online job application and tweet, you require taking care of word count. This is really a time consuming idea to open the word processing program, copy and paste the content and checking the word count. Things can be simplified through the following way:

This is an universal method to count words that can be used in any web browser. You just need to choose a good word count tool website online. We suggest Word Count & Character Count Tool. This site offers a special report about number of characters, words and sentences in a text. Also, the tool features keyword density, readability and case change for enhancing the quality of your writing. You need nothing but to type your text in the given text box and the statistics related to the text will appear automatically in an extensive report. In case you want to check statistics of specifically selected content, you can opt for the selected section during search.

If you want a quick reliable tool to count the number of characters, Character Count Tool provides an instant report about that, which is very handy.

This is basically one of the best way help you conveniently know the number of words in a text on a web browser. Hopefully, you find it swift and simple




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