MobiKin Assistant for iOS – A Powerful Software to Simplify Back-up of Your Files

Backing up files is one of the most important things everyone should do after saving important files on his or her smartphone. Just think about the condition of you lose data if your iPhone is stolen or broken, definitely you will bear great loss after losing your important files which had not been backed up anywhere. Well, now you need not to concern about protecting a copy of these files as MobiKin Assistant for iOS software is ready to support you. Whether you want to backup your files to share movies, songs and video contents with your friends or you want a copy of your necessary files always secured somewhere else than your phone, you should opt using this software that helps to transfer millions of files together from your phone to computer.


Why to use MobiKin Assistant for iOS?

Many people are there to use iTunes for this purpose but this program also has some limitations. This is why using iTunes become troublesome. Using MobiKin Assistant for iOS is the best solution for windows version of iOS to transfer contacts from iphone to pc. Here is more to know about this special software –

  • You can save the files you export in HTML format on your device.
  • Transferring up to 14 kinds of files from iDevice to computer with a few simple clicks is possible by using MobiKin Assistant for iOS. These files can be text messages, eBooks, contacts, voice memo, ringtone, playlist, podcast, songs, photos, videos and safari notebooks
  • The software helps in management and controlling beyond the limit transfer of iOS contents on the hard disk. According to your preference, you can delete, add or remove any file on the device.

Get way to swift search and filter of your files

It is well known that your iDevice bears hundreds and thousands of various files; thus, this will be a problem for you to locate certain file within short time period. You will surely won’t like to waste your time by browsing each and every file as this is really a time consuming task. Well, MobiKin Assistant for iOS helps you to find particular file quickly through a swift search function that filters your file within a moment. Music files can be searched by the artist’s name, album, genre, album year etc. just typing two or three keywords will display a list of selected files out of which you can choose the one that you want.

Preview files in various ways

Are you looking for a software that allows you various ways to preview your files? Well, MobiKin Assistant for iOS offers a feature to arbitrate your files in different manners out of which you can pick the best one according to your comfort. There are two different ways to preview your files; the thumbnail mode and the list view. In thumbnail mode, all the files in a catalog will be displayed as table of thumbnail images which will be adjustable in sizes. On the other hands, list views show detailed information about every file including name, type, time and file size.

So, this is all to know about this extensive back-up software. The last but not the least to know about MobiKin Assistant for iOS is that it is compatible to run on multiple iOS devices without any problem. You just need to install it properly on your phone and it is ready to back up your files quickly.


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