Find the Best Image Converter Software Now for Ultimate Results

People who are in search of the best image converter software will love to read this article further. 2TIFF is an advance image converter software which has been designed for IT professionals, software developers, corporate leaders and workflow system integrators. This extensively developed software is known for the business class features it bears as well as it is good for research, evaluation and non-profit projects. The most important thing to know here is that those who are interested to use this software for non-beneficial project can use it without any charge. On the other hand, IT enthusiasts will also find 2TIFF business class software as there are many high performance features to make this tool extensive for them.


Enjoy high quality graphics

As this extensive image converter software is based upon the fCoder Group’s proprietary graphics engine component, it offers high quality graphics to users. The graphic engine of the software is being developed since 1998 that makes it better and improved. This is how; things become simplified in corporate workflow system and ensure satisfaction of even big requirements for business process reliability.

Get the best tool for processing quality images

fCoder has done a good job. As the program works for processing of image files better, people find this tool flexible for setting criteria and processing the whole directory for better image files. Secondly, the price of the tool is unbeatable and supportive enough for top notch results. 2TIFF software is also good for the reason it is able to solve various issues regarding image conversion.

Get good quality images converted quickly

2TIFF offers an outstanding feature for IT professionals under which they can resize images within a short time period with assurance of high quality image along with the maintenance of proportions of the source picture. For this purpose, the tool has been designed with special command line interface that makes it possible for the system integrator to utilize the software as a image processor. Moreover, the software provides the facility of changing the resolution of PDF during image conversion along with pertaining the quality of final images. If you want to add watermark in your images, the watermarking feature is there under which you can either add some text or add an image to watermark your image. Making the image conversion process easier, the software lets you rotate, flip and crop the image under an automatic system.

Download now

If you are also interested to enjoy lovable features of 2TIFF image converter, you need nothing but to download the free version of this software from the official website. The free version of this software offers exactly same functions like the paid version but you will see a text ‘created by 2TIFF’ on every resulting file. Apart from this, three licensed versions are also available for the same. You will surely like the software for it’s efficiency of converting files to TIFF version, for example, PNG to TIFF, PDF to TIFF, JPG to TIFF and more. So, are you ready to enjoy the all new and advance 2TIFF software?

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