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Today, there is an increasing demand of easy and efficient systems that make remote access simple. There are many professional fields that benefit from simple and convenient remote access to computers that are otherwise not available at the moment. The need for checking important documents and getting certain files urgently has given rise to systems like LogMeIn and GoToAssist. However, while offering an exceptional feature set, those systems can be quite difficult to use. So, such tools as TeamViewer have gained wide popularity among non-IT folks. DeskRoll Remote Desktop goes a step further towards simplicity. With DeskRoll, you don’t need to install anything on your device. If you want to take control over your computer to fix a problem, of just for remote office needs, you just need a browser. Yet another big difference from competition is DeskRoll’s licensing policy. With a single license, you can get remote access to an unlimited number of computers and make unlimited concurrent sessions.


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Seamless Experience Across Platforms

BYOD strategy is getting more and more popular among large corporations. Also, there is an increased demand for remote access on the go. Imagine you’re on your way to Hawaii, about to board your flight, and your colleagues is calling you to get that important presentation. No problem, just remote into your office PC from your tablet (iOS, Android or other OS with a browser) and send the file. With DeskRoll mobile experience is the same as with desktops but you also get virtual keyboard, intuitive right-click and double-click emulation, support for taps, swipes, etc. You may choose to install a mobile app or just work from a mobile browser, the experience won’t be different. With DeskRoll Remote Desktop, you can get access to your Mac and Windows computers.


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Who Gets the Benefits

Software consultants, IT specialists, system administrators, technicians and pretty much anyone who works on computers and expects user friendliness from software. Managed service providers, ISPs, e-commerce owners, software development companies, a whole lot of businesses rely on remote access tools (and have DeskRoll as their everyday remote access solution).


Unattended Access Application for Windows


DeskRoll offers sufficient a nice feature set: client management features (including client info, groups, etc.), sessions statistics (useful for billing your customers), remote system info, etc. DeskRoll transparently works through firewalls, proxies and NAT. As for connection speed, modern browsers enable high speed peer to peer connection for responsive remote access.


Built-In SysInfo Feature

What You Can Do

Pretty much anything you would do if sitting in front of the remote computer. Use mouse and keyboard (including key combinations), use your business apps, open and send files, use clipboard, etc. This way you can support your customers or do your job on the your computers remotely, including regular maintenance tasks, remote office, etc.


You can also use antivirus programs and firewall in parallel with DeskRoll, which means you never shut down your defense, so you never forget to turn it back on. SSL and 256-bit data encryption (plus, proprietary security tech) make sure you (and your data) are safe when you do remote access with DeskRoll.


DeskRoll Remote Desktop is surely worth a try for anyone who’s after an easy to use and secure remote access tool. Especially, given that they are offering a free 30-day trial.

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