Simplify your way to Transfer the Mobile Data from old to New Device with Wondershare


So, you purchased a new smartphone and changed the old one with a new and upgraded phone? Well, you might have been looking for a good software system that can work smartly for transferring all your contents and data from the old phone to new one. Lots of things are there to be transferred from a phone to another such as text messages, images, call logs, calendar, contact list, music, videos, apps and so on. The idea of transferring all the content manually is not a cool idea. How will you feel if you get a software program which is cool enough to transfer all your content from an iOS to another in single click? Definitely, wondershare Mobile Trans is such a good mobile data transfer software to do so. Know more about this smart and cool software system here –

Safe and risk free transferring

Upgrading phones and switching devices is an exciting idea which is loved by everyone but this process requires assistance of a good software that can help you transferring your content from your old to new phone. Wondershare mobile Trans is an exciting software system that supports safe and risk free transfer of data. The content you transfer with the help of this software program will be totally safe and risk free. Also, the content you transfer remains original and exactly in the best state during and after the process of transfer.

Backup your phone now

If you are not up to changing your old smartphone device, the wondershare software is equally useful for you because it supports a lot in backing up your phone. You can backup your phone to the computer first and then move towards restoring to another supportive phone anytime. Backup of your data on android phone, iPad, iPod touch, iPhone or symbian phonet PC is possible with wondershare with promise of security and safety. Similarly, retrieving phone backup for iPhone and android phone is possible with this extensive software program. Retrieving data from iCloud backup t android is also possible under which you can transfer contacts, photos, videos, texts, calendar and many more.

Delete data of your old phone permanently

You require deleting all the history and data from your phone when you want to sell your old phone. surely, you will like tokeep your personal data safe from other people. In order to ensure total cleanup of your phone’s content before giving it to else, you should utilize Wondershare Mobile Trans that promises to erase all the personal information from your phone safely on permanent basis. You can surprisingly wipe off the data available in your phone as well as the data which has been deleted from the phone memory in single click.

Try it now

So, you know a lot about the exciting mobile data transfer software, Wondershare Mobile Trans now. You might have been planning to test it before buying. You can move forward towards using the trial version for free. Moreover, you are offered with a facility of money-back guarantee if you don’t like functions and services of the software.

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