Print optimization software: An overview

An overview of O&K Print Watch


Do you want an efficient and advance system to monitor and manage your printing job? If yes, this post is really helpful to you. What about excellent print watch software that allows you to optimize printing, creating a company-wide printing plan and measuring the printing usage accordingly? Well, this kind of printer audit software will definitely help you to calculate the accurate cost of printing and also for sharing the fair amount of overall printing budget.

How the print optimization software helps you?

Using featured print optimization software is a good idea for those who want to create an equitable method of charging the printing expense equally from every department. As the printer count software works as the best strategic tool for making proper decisions regarding purchase and deployment of printers. This is how; you can manage day-to-day printing activities.

Exclusive service features of Print optimize software –

  • Facility of saving printed projects as PDF
  • Tracking and logging each printed project on print server
  • Get wide range of printing statistics reports
  • Control network printers
  • Print release station
  • Manage print server by using web server
  • Forbid printing job on the basis of keywords, duplex, cost and color

Simple way to use the print monitor

The best thing to know about this latest printer monitor software is that you can use it very easily. As you are offered with a manual mentioning guide to set up and use the print monitor, you can install and use it simply. From deciding the print quota to web browser setting, you can carry out the whole process easily. As it offers the facility of synchronization, you can sync all the users and user domains simply with the print monitor software.

Requirements for the software

If you think that the network printers monitor software has many requirements, you should not think so. You can install the print software in operating system windows 7, windows 8, server 2012, server 2007, server 2008, XP, vista etc. The software can be installed in any printer that supports different drivers like PCL (version 3, 4, 5, 5E, 5C, 6(XL), HP-GL 2, POST SCRIPT (level 2 and 3), ESC/P2, Zj-Stream, CPCA, BJL etc).

The database which is required for installing the print monitor software is SQLIte or MS SQL server 2005.

Download the print monitor now

You may have been looking for the best way for downloading the print monitor from internet now. Well, you can download print monitor for simplifying your printing job without investing even a penny. The printer monitor and print quota software can be downloaded for authentication client or local and network printers monitor easily.

As the windows printer software has been updated time to time from the time of its origination, it has many advance features to make your printing job simpler. If you find any problem in downloading or installing the print monitor software, you can contact the customer care staff of the official website and get their assistance whenever you want.



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