Review: Net Monitor for Employees Professional

Increasing productivity in offices is not as much as a task you think. If you are a business leader or a teacher, chairman of a company or project supervisor, you need strong employee monitoring software to keep an eye over the screen of your students, employees and team members. It happens many times that undedicated employees spare their time in watching unnecessary content on the internet or using your resources for their personal use or just spending time in browsing webs. If you want to monitor their activities, you need nothing more than installing an employee monitor.


Net Monitor for Employees Professional( is an excellent product that shows you screen of all the computers connected to the network and simplifies the detection of unauthorized and prohibited contents on computers if they are being used by employees. This is how, you can take control over your network resources. Another good thing is that employee monitor offers you the facility of recording the screens of employee computers when you are unable to monitor them live. This is how, you can review the activities later.

Apart from the ease of monitoring your employees and recording their usage, you can also block certain websites which can hinder the productivity in offices. In this way you can know whether your employees are working hard on their projects or just wasting the time. To start monitoring activities of your employees right now, you need nothing more than downloading the extensive employee monitoring software with advance features.

Interesting features of employee monitor

  • Quick installation
  • Exclusive employee monitoring service for professionals
  • Automatic discovery of entire network
  • 24×7 monitoring tools
  • Powerful employee monitoring tool with numerous sensors
  • Ease to block particular websites
  • Monitoring can be done using your PC, Mac, smart phone or tablet

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Apart from this, you will get options to pick the best employee monitoring software for you on the basis of number of computers added in your network. Now, you are all set to get everything you require in a single installer where you need nothing to download additionally.

Order the employee monitor right now

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