Top 4 Best business Smartphones 2016


There have been great improvements in the field of business smartphone market wherein each of the top manufacturers have started investing in the make of top phones which can be readily used at work. This is just not about the Outlook and in-built apps for different excel or word files, rather it is about the overall performance of the gadget which can make the model extremely useful for business people. In the earlier days, people at the higher management levels made us of the BlackBerry smartphones which was solely made for the purpose however, in the recent past few years, the market has seen continuous change in this sector. Here we will find the latest and most compatible business phones which can be your choice. Also here is the list of Top 10 Gadgets to own under $100

iPhone 6S Plus1. iPhone 6S Plus

If you have always loved the feel and look of Apple products, iPhone 6S is something which will captivate your attention at the earliest stage because of the larger screen size and amazing performance. The latest 3D feature with 5.5 inch screen size, this will definitely give you an edge when it comes to space for work and easy navigation. Some of the quality features which can make you think to go for it are light weight, faster performance, larger display size, battery power, fingerprint reading feature and iOS 8.

Price: $899


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Huawei Ascend Mate 22. Huawei Ascend Mate 2

With increasingly improved battery power and larger space for business works, Ascend Mate 2 is the smartphone from Huawei which can be your dream gadget. Business works will be done with greater efficiency and 6.1 inch display which will never disappoint you. It boasts of offering longevity but it can be a little bulky for those working people who love enjoying lighter versions of the smartphone at work. One of the beneficial features which can be interestingly more attractive about this gadget is the affordability, wherein you are not required to sign 2-year contract with any carrier.

Price: $249


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Samsung Galaxy Note 53. Samsung Galaxy Note 5

If you are looking for additional feature like Stylus and excellent multi-tasking facility, Galaxy Note 5 can be your best choice. The 5.7 inch display size can be something which can offer you seamless operation when you are at work, without any issues of hand or lag. You will find it easier in the common tasks fo sharing work files or documents with your colleagues. Apart from it, the company has also provided the facility of fingerprint scanner which imporves the security of the user.

Price: $549


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nexus 6p4. Nexus 6P

Do you love Android interface in your mobile phone? If yes, Google Nexus 6P can be your favorite which boasts of offering multiple features that can boost your business experience. It has got improved fingerprint scanner and it responds quickly to your voice commands unlike the other competitive smartphones. What makes it different from the other Android gadgets is the brand of Google, which will ensure that your phone gets the latest updates rolled out in the market, before your friends or even your boss! Longer battery life and faster performance will further enrich your working experience.


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