How to Create a Windows 10 backup by using EaseUS Todo Backup

Windows 10 has gained more popularity over the couple of years, and the number of users of the windows 10 has nearly doubled in this time period. But with the increase in the numbers of the Windows 10 users the number of the data loss cases has also increased in the past few years. People from all around the globe some or the other time suffers heavy data loss at different situations, but what so ever the reason is data loss is very crucial for every individual.


More than 50% of the data is lost due to the hard drive failure and the unwanted system crashes and the rest 50% have many reasons for the data loss to happen, but creating a Windows 10 backup will always keep you on the safer side. So how can we create a windows 10 backup? That’s the most common question that comes in our mind, so let’s find out the answer below.

Methods of Creating a Windows 10 Backup:

  1. There are many Online backup Services that can be used to save your valuable data, these services take all your provided data and save it on a secured network server which is fully protected from theft and any other harmful effects.
  1. The Backup Cloud option is now a day’s trending in the market, all your data is saved and secured on the online internet clouds such as Microsoft Sky Drive, Google Drive and the Drop Box, these offers a huge space of 2.5GB which is extendable up to 10 GB.
  1. Creating a backup in the external storage device is one of the best options for saving your data from any harmful effects.
  1. The Free Disk Cloning Software is also one of the most convenient ways of creating a backup of all your important data and that to without spending any extra money for it. These backup software’s are now very much trending in the backup industry and one of the brightest names of them is the EaseUS ToDo Backup software. But how this works, let’s find it out below:
  • Download the EaseUS ToDo Backup Software and then install it on your Windows 10 operating software.
  • Once the software is successfully installed on your system then open it.
  • As you launch the software a blue and white window will pop up now select the disks which you need to backup and click on clone. As you click on the clone option then you need to select a drive where you need to make the clone of all the data. (Note: the drive here can be external or internal)
  • Once you have selected the equally spaced disk or a larger spaced disk then you need to do the Sector by Sector Clone which enables you to backup all the needed data from all the selected drives.
  • Now click on proceed, the cloning process will initiate and in few minutes the data will be backed up to the desire location with full efficiency.

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