The best way to recover password from Windows: Windows Password Recovery

Most of us tend to protect our precious and important data on our windows system by setting up the protective cover on the windows system by placing a Password protection. This password protects the system’s valuable data from getting harmed or stolen from the other people. But sometimes busy in our daily work schedule we lose the password or some of us even forget the password, at this point of time we ourselves get stuck and we cannot access our own precious data and work on it. One common way with is opted by many is formatting the system, this renews our system and starts as factory reset but it deletes our precious data and important files. There is a way to recover lost password with the Windows Password Recovery.


Functions of the Windows Password Recovery:

  1. Reset the administrator/user password in any version of Windows (Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP):

The windows password recovery can easily find lost password and reset the password which we have lost or we have forgot in our busy schedule, but we think that this will be very difficult for us. This is not the case with the Windows Password Recovery it dose the reset work with all the ease and sets up the new desired password.

  1. Recover Windows Password:

Password Recovery is one of the simplest ways of recovering the lost password. This can be done by just a few clicks with the windows password recovery and you can get back the lost password from the windows operating system. Moreover this process is not so complex and time taking, it only takes a few seconds and the password is back on the screen and now you can use it to open the locked screen of windows.

  1. Change Windows Password:

You can recover the password but you can also change the existing lost password by a simple method, the windows password recovery software will ask you once the recovery process is complete and then you can easily change the recovered password and set up a new and protective one which you will not forget or lose in future.

  1. Remove Windows Password:

Changing password and resetting passwords is just a play with the windows password recovery, you can even remove the set password protections in the windows and trespass the protection with an ease. This can be done and password can be permanently removed from the windows protection with the windows password recovery so that you won’t have to face the same problem in future.


The windows password recovery tool is free software for recovering the lost passwords and even to remove the password protection from the windows operating system. You will get 100% sure result and all the different types protective passwords can be reset, recovered, changed and even removed permanently making your working experience more comfortable and easy to operate. The user interface of this recovery tool is also one such thing that will be a great help as it itself guides you through the recovery process and makes it simple and ease to recover the lost password.

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