How To Unlock iTunes Backup Password?


Summary: If you have forgotten the iTunes backup password, it is possible to unlock the same and so you need not have to lose your crucial files.

Most Apple users believe that iTunes is the best remedy to handle any backup password issues. It is true that iTunes will help you with restoration and back up of your content in an easy manner. However, it will not provide you a way to restore the password of your backup when you forget the same. This simply means that you will not be in a position to retrieve your former personal backup files and data. Even though the process of encrypting a backup is something that can be done easily, the fact is that it is hard to crack iTunes backup password.οΎ§ If you find that nothing seems to work out in the process of unlocking your iTunes backup password, there is an excellent tool called iSeePassword iTunes Password Recovery to help you out.

What are the key features?

Before using this tool for unlocking your iTunes backup password, you might be interested in understanding its important features. Here is the list for you:

  • It will support multicore GPU and CPU and high-speed recovery will be possible

  • This application will not cause any damage or loss of data to your iOS device or to your computer.

  • It will support all versions of iTunes Backup.

  • You can recover lost password for iPod Touch, iPad (all versions) with this application

  • You can recover forgotten or lost password for iPhone (all versions) backup.

How to use for unlocking password?

Download, install, and launch:

The first thing you will have to do is to search for the website of iSeePassword and get to the website and search for iSeePassword iTunes Password Recovery. Then, you can click on the trial version and can follow the onscreen instructions to download the application onto your desktop. Once the downloading is completed, you will have to install and launch the application on your computer.

Run the application:

Once the first step is completed, click open to select the backup file. Then, click on the start button and wait for the things to happen. Then, choose the iTunes backup and click OK. After this, select the right option for recovery of password.

Recover the password:

Click on the start button to start the recovery process. This process might take some time and so you can engage in some other task when the software is in the recovery process. The end process will be the recovery of your iTunes backup password.

The password will be displayed when the program finds it.

Now, you can use the recovered password to restore the iTunes backup. If you find the trial version to be satisfactory, you can opt for the paid version, which will help you in the future. This tool will help you recover forgotten iTunes backup password. The application makes use of different types of attacks to help you with the recovery of lost or forgotten password.

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