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Audials One is an excellent choice for streaming recorder for Music and Movies. Now, most media players supports Internet Radio but how many times were you fail to record your favorite music on time because your device has no recorder in it. That’s where Audials One comes into play. It doesn’t matter where you are, you can find, record, download, convert and enjoy them anywhere you want. Audials One is one of the best software at massive, legal and free music retrieval. It uses a powerful algorithm to search the whole internet for best music sources, monitors upon thousands of radio stations and retrieves the best results for you.


Now go ahead and download their software before we start mentioning the main features.

Top Features:

  1. Recognizes your taste.

It means it can get you exactly that music automatically which you wish to listen, in top notch quality and at unbelievable speeds.

  1. Very easy to store.

We know downloading is not the issue but Audials One stores your files to your PC’s hard disc, to a cloud server or directly to your mobile or tablet devices which are connected through the Internet. Easy as that.

  1. Internet Recorder.

Music, streams, videos, movies and radio stations are recorded and stored in high quality in your device. So you won’t have any fear of downloading malicious files from the internet anymore. Audials One takes care of it.

  1. Supports all Media Files.

Audials One provides 85 file formats and 84 device profiles just to ensure you the easiest and reliable usage. This means you can copy your file, convert them and play them in your desirable devices. So, there are no copy protection problems and all thanks to Audials One.

  1. Your Entertainment is on Top priority.

With Audials One – the universe of music, movies and podcasts offers you an enormous amount of entertainment to make sure that you are never bored again. True story.

  1. Stays with you anywhere and anytime.

Doesn’t matter where you travel, Audials One will deliver free unlimited entertainment anywhere and anytime you want. You can easily find new radio stations in your new location and listen to them in the Audials player. Your music collections are managed independently in your PC and mobile devices, so you don’t have to worry about it getting lost at all. Every disaster has taken into consideration so that you can sit back and enjoy!

  1. Record TV series or Movies from Netflix or any other streaming website.

With the Audials streaming recorder, you can record music and movies from any streaming website including Netflix. It doesn’t matter which music or movie streaming is your favorite but you can download and save files directly into your devices.

  1. Enormous amount of Music Wish list.

With Audials One you will get 12 millions of music tracks by 3 million artists, all available free for you. You name it, Audials One has it. I challenge every visitor of our website to give us 1 name of software which can do these.

You cannot literally find any better software which do better job than Audials One and it is definitely on the recommended downloads list of

Audials One is available for your Windows 7, 8 and 10. You can head over to their official website and give it a try. System requirements are quite basic and nothing special is needed to use this beautiful piece of  software.


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