How to chat between Windows desktops and Android devices via Wi-Fi connection?

Softros LAN messenger is one of the best messaging systems which permits the secure chat with employees in local area network.  This very robust network chat program was specially designed for Android phones, Tablets, and Windows operating system.  The Android LAN messenger application was designed for Wi-Fi connection and can be specially used by employees who are not able to sit in front of PC for a long time. Softros chatting software has a user-friendly messaging program with very slim interface. Everyone can send the messages without internet connection to their colleagues and members of working groups. An option of creating the group for a team and the particular project team is available. Users have to install the Wi-Fi messenger to every Android device which is linked to a company network.


Softros LAN messenger allows workers to chat with another user sitting on their Windows desktops easily. It is helpful to grow the business and create the proper secure talks in your business office. Employees feel easier to keep in touch with each other by using this powerful tool in their offices and make sure the conversation will not be shared by 3rd parties.


  1. Security and Privacy – In the process of local messaging from Windows and Android Devices would be a secure and private for their users. LAN chat gives employees to exchange all the data very safely.
  2. User-friendly Installation – The process of setting up local connection is very user-friendly and does not need any specialized training. You have just to install and run it on a company’s network. It can be configured by users without special skills.
  3. Transfer of files – The files can be easily transferred between colleagues with the amazing feature of drag and drop. It can be done just on click of recipient’s icon.
  4. History of Messages – You can keep track of messaging history and save them locally. All data can be searched in history logs.
  5. User groups – You can easily create the groups of co-workers by their department or task. The application has an option to add members to many groups simultaneously.
  6. Sharing with remote desktop – The LAN messenger has built-in remote assistance function and other end users can connect securely to the desktop which is helpful to configure windows.
  7. Pre-User settings – In a case of non-availability of a controller with Active Directory which permits you to automate the configuration of distribution with the help of some built-in features.
  8. Restriction of User Access – The admin has powers to control any unauthorized access to many features of this communication software for any users.

The ideas as mentioned above are applied with help to setup local messaging between Windows and Android devices. Softros LAN messenger is the easiest way to make the communication process very simpler and user-friendly for all types of users. It can solve office problems of communication and does not let you miss any important event or an important meeting.


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