PhotoDeduper – Your Solution to Delete Duplicate Photos has arrived.

At a Glance

When it comes to photos, there’s no wonder that you won’t have duplicate photos in your computer.

Of course if two JPG or PNG files are pixel by pixel and bit by bit same then they are indeed duplicates and there’s a simple solution to remove one of them. That’s where PhotoDeduper comes to play. Your solution removes the duplicate images. Now this little piece of software is so powerful that you will never find a duplicate image in your device ever again. It uses one of the most powerful algorithm to find all identical images, show them to you and let you remove one of them instantly.


Go ahead and download there free trial version and taste the fun. Let us discuss the top main features of Photo Deduper.

Top Features:

  1. Find identical images in your system.

PhotoDeduper uses an algorithm which finds identical images throughout your computer and show it to you on the screen which makes it easier to look and delete them .

  1. Auto Mark Images

Finding duplicate images are easy and deleting them is very as well with PhotoDeduper. It provides with a tool to automatically mark your images for deletion based on the user.

  1. Sort duplicate folders.

That is correct. Not only you can find duplicate files with this software but also you can find an entire duplicate folder. It doesn’t matter what size, this software will show you duplicate folder, sort them with groups by total file size of image and let you decide which one to delete them. Easy as that.

  1. Uses auto cache to save memory and increase speed.

Any software which uses auto cache makes your work super speedy. PhotoDeduper is also the same and uses auto cache to index all the files from your system to give you the full speed experience. So you won’t have to wait forever if you have huge collection of images.

  1. View as you like.

You can view the files in whatever mode you like, whether it’s thumbnail or gallery view or detailed view. More viewing options means more better user experience.


To be very honest, you won’t be able to find any better software which can remove and clean your duplicate images in your computer more than PhotoDeduper can do. This software is definitely on recommended download list.


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