Safely and One Click Root Your Android Device


Rooting is the process of unlocking the operating system to install the unapproved app, updating of OS, firmware replacement, and unwanted bloatware, customization of anything and overclock the firmware. It is the scary process of smartphones for average user which can be the method of disaster. If you do the wrong step, then it can finish up with bricked handset. We have to give lots of thanks to the one-click process which is free, and it works very fast. It is a process in which device can get higher privileges which can easily uninstall unwanted apps with the access of blocked features. You can get detailed information about all the process of Android Root and Dr.Fone Toolkit and educate yourself about your Smartphone.

  1. Access many Apps – It helps in access of blocked apps which enjoys thousands of incompatible apps from the play store.
  2. Custom Rooms Installation – The primary job of custom rooms is to change the process of using the phone, and it also allows you to install the latest version of the app before anyone.
  3. 3. Blocked Features Access – Enjoy new Android features like mobile payments, motion video, slow motion and photosphere before their release.
  4. Uninstall Preinstalled Apps – You can easily uninstall some unwanted and useless apps which are taking lots of space. Sometimes it makes you cell phone area captured and disturbs the running process of your mobile
  5. 5. Perform faster – The uninstalling of bloatware minimize the unnecessary Ram and the usage of CPU which speed up your Android phone
  6. Remove Ads in Apps – You can block all the unwanted ads in your downloading apps which should not disturb while playing games on Android phone.


  1. The quick one-click process helps you to root your phone within a couple of minutes without any hassle. You have just to connect the phone and rest of the work is done automatically.
  2. Android Roots helps your phone get back the full potential of a phone which gives the full performance, improved battery life, etc.
  3. It gives you a chance to enhance the full access of phone with potential like phone customization, enjoys many apps and access to blocked features, etc.
  4. Android Root gives support to many and thousand types of devices. It will support more once the launching of new devices done in the market.
  5. Android root is very safe and fruitful process which has no risk to your phone data.

How to use Android Root

  1. You have to tap seven times at the point which you see the messages.
  2. You will move to developer mode.
  3. After that tap your phone settings.
  4. Tap About phone and go to developer option.
  5. Select USB Debugging
  6. Tap on Ok to approve settings change
  7. Run on your PC Android Root after that connect your USB cable.

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