The Simple Way To Save Outlook Emails As PDF Files

Thousands of emails are sent and received by an average computer user. Some of them are important and you may need them in a few years. Would you like to save them for future reference? One solutions is to back up all emails from your emails client. Outlook can export emails into one PST file and save it to  your hard drive. The disadvantage is that you won’t be able to open the PST file without Outlook installed. Moreover, it’s extremely time consuming to deal with all the emails when you need just one.


The other way is to save individual emails outside your email client in a more popular format, like PDF or DOC. Chances are high that in 2029 you will still be able to open PDF document with a free viewer on any computer. So it makes sense to save emails in PDF rather then PST.

What’s the easiest way to save Outlook emails as PDF files ? Any free PDF printer can do that. You open the email and select Print, choose the virtual PDF printer and get your PDF. It’s free and does not require any technical knowledge.

However, if you deal with hundreds of emails and want to export them all to PDF, you’d better try Total Outlook Converter Pro from CoolUtils. This app converts Outlook emails to PDF in batch. You select whole folders and get PDFs in few clicks. You save your time and effort enormously and get accurate output in minutes.

Emails are important but often attached files are even of more interest. Total Outlook Converter Pro can convert attachments as well as email bodies. Embed them into one PDF or save as new PDF files – you get what fits your requirements best. If you want to keep attachments in the original file types, the app can do that too. It will just rename them so that you knew which attachment belongs to which email.

Total Outlook Converter Pro from Coolutils is widely used for saving emails as PDF file in offices but it’s still very easy-to-use even for home users. The interface is simple and you won’t get lost in settings. Get your free evaluation copy at Total Outlook Converter Pro.


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