4 Factors To Consider In Buying Leather Laptop Bag



Type: leather computer bag

Size: 15″

Best for : laptops with up to a 15.6 screen, a padded iPad pocket, and a full length zipper pocket.

Additional features: Under the flap includes two open top pockets, One open top pocket includes a cell phone holder, the second pocket includes pen loops and credit card slots.



Type: leather computer bag

Best for: Laptop, netbook or iPad and documents

Size:  12″ high X16.5″ wide

Additional features:  Hand Wash, Leather laptop case featuring fold-over flap with adjustable buckle straps and logo embossed at front, Removable, adjustable padded shoulder strap.



Type: leather messenger bag

Size: 15″

Best for: Laptop, netbook or iPad and documents

Additional features: adjustable as well as removable shoulder strap, huge front pocket as well as PADDAD laptop compartment, open and closure easy to clip.



Type: leather laptop bag

Size: 15x11x4 inch

Best for : perfect for documents, laptop / notebook, netbook or iPad.

Additional features: inside 3 huge compartment with 2 zipper pocket, naturally treated, strong but supple goat leather and sturdy canvas lining on this inside.


Are you planning to buy a laptop bag? If you do, you need to consider first several factors before getting one. This will save you money, time and all the headache in looking for one. The best part of it all you will be able to purchase a bag that fits your personality, lifestyle, and budget as well. All it takes is to pay attention as to what these factors are, memorize them by heart, and have a shortlist.

To give you a brief overview regarding buying a leather laptop bag, read the following:

  1. Category

leather-computer-bag-1What you need to think about is the category of which the laptop bag will fall into place. You can go for a backpack, briefcases, messengers bags, rolling, or totes. You need to take into consideration your lifestyle and personality. Are you the type who is always traveling, on the go or wants the laptop will always be at your sight no matter what? Then, pick the right category depending upon your need. Also, comfort should be included. You want that you can just carry along without hurting your shoulders or back. Perhaps, a rolling laptop bag much better. Or, you want the laptop should be close to you always, go for a messenger type.

  1. Device Type

Why is this important factor? You want to make sure your laptop fits well into the bag. You do not want to have one that is too loose. Do take note of the laptop you have. What is it’s size? If it’s a 13-inch, 15-inch or a 17-inch or if it’s a Macbook Air or Macbook Pro. In this way, you can be assured of that the bag you are getting is perfectly matched with your laptop.

  1. Features

leather-computer-bagEven as simple as laptop bag do have features. You need to take down a list of you are looking for in a bag. Some of the features you might want to consider, namely: with strap, has a pocket for water bottle, uses sternum strap, with RFID blocking, organizer panel, luggage strap, lightweight, with pocket for eReader, Kindle, iPad or Table, it’s expandable, has a clothing compartment, carry on, and has anti-theft feature. You can list a couple or more features. Be sure the features are what you need. You do not want to spend much on a bag, with a feature that you can do without.

  1. Your number 1 factor

Lastly, what is your number factor based on your preference or need? Does the leather laptop bag need to be organized, durable, or stylish? You need to pick out of these factors. This will save you all the trouble of looking around and say, “Oh, I like this one.” Then, say the same thing when you have found another one. Do not settle for less. You have the power to pick one according to your needs. It is just it takes time at your end to list what is it you are looking for.

Overall, what you are looking for is a leather laptop bag that is fully functional can keep your laptop safe and secure, and you can carry along wherever you might go. Yes, there are quite some these bags out in the market. It would be time-consuming to shop for one. Well, to save time you could always have a shortlist. This will help you big time. Your eyes will be looking for that one bag that fits your list and no more. In return, you will get a bag that is worth every dollar that you spend. So, what are you waiting for? Go, have your shortlist now and looking around.

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