Airy as an efficient solution to download YouTube videos

YouTube offers you so much for viewing – you will never miss out a single episode of your favorite series, a rare movie or documentary or educational video. It’s just that online videos are available to you only if and when you have a connection to the Internet, and its bandwidth is good enough for streaming them. Also, videos often get removed for various reasons, and all of a sudden you have no access to them anymore.

Airy by Eltima Software is what you need to solve such problems. This application enables you to download videos on your Mac’s hard drive so you can watch them anywhere anytime.

Along with the download functionality Airy offers a lot of other handy features. You can choose a format for your download – MP4, MKV, WMV, etc., and a resolution up to 4K. The application is capable of downloading multiple videos at a time, entire playlists and all videos uploaded on a specified channel.

It often happens, especially with music videos, that we are primarily interested in the soundtrack not the visual backdrop. Airy accommodates such needs by allowing to extract audio in MP3 format; it will also extract the album art and the title of the song for you.

Airy has an extension that can be used with popular web-browsers – Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Safari. You can set it up via Main Menu in Airy, it is very easy, and you can always refer to a detailed guide that tells you how to do it.

To start downloading videos with the help of Airy, get the app first, launch it, log into your YouTube account – the rest is pretty self-explanatory. The minimalistic interface makes navigating the app really intuitive. Should you have any doubt, there is a tutorial on how to use Airy, FAQ page and a live chat support on the developer’s website.

Airy has two versions – free and paid. The latter offers you more advanced functionality at a reasonable fee of $20, and you can purchase it from Eltima’s website.

Give the software a try and you’ll be surprised how much value it can add to your life.

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