All-in-one Graphic Tool FotoJet

FotoJet, an online graphic tool, can be used to collage make, photo design and edit. You may find easy and funny to make collage, or design some art works or even edit your photo via all-in-one tool FotoJet. It makes you look professional even you are not a graphic artist.

Collage maker

FotoJet collage mode including classic collage, creative collage, Misc and all themes cards. All the templates are well-designed and you can use them you make unique and beautiful collage with the photos you shoot in your happy moments or some special moments. You can finish your splendid collage within a few click and drag. Now let’s have a detail use of it to know how to make a collage with FotoJet.

First, open and click into collage mode. Here you will see the four kinds of collage as said below, just click any one you want to make, then you can started to create your collage. Choose the Misc to make one. There are plenty of templates of this kind, just have a quick preview after you entered in, then you can pick up one you like best to use. A simple click on the template is enough.


Second, upload your photos to make your collage. There are two ways for you to open your photos, so you can add from your computer or from your Facebook by click the Add Photo button on the top of the right side. You can drag or click the photos to add them into canvas.

Third, you can add your text and clipart to it. Just click the sample text you want to use, and then type your words in, you can still to adjust its opacity so as to make it into watermark if you need. You are allowed to make some adjustments to them, like change size, position and color. What’s more, you can add outline and glow to text to make text looks much more beautiful or suitable to your collage.


You can also change the background if you need, you can replace it by the sample background or upload your own image.

There are many other collages provide for you, just try them out.


Photo designer

The design mode can help you create many useful and beautiful social banners, poster, flyer and so on. All the samples are matched with suitable images and text so you can use them directly after some very slight adjustments. You can save it to computer, print it out or share it to your social platforms. Let’s make a poster. Move mouse to design mode.

Click poster and there will show you lots of poster samples. What you need to do is just click the poster sample you want to use, and you can have a quick preview of all the samples before you pick out one. You can replace the images with your own pictures. You can add photos from your computer, from your Facebook or search images from internet by click the Add Photo button. What’s more, you can delete the text and clipart on it, and add your owns. You can still adjust them as what said in collage mode. Just try all the options out you need, and make adjustments by some click and drag, you will definitely make the design work into the one you need and want. So just play with your imagination and create your own art work.

Photo editor

Edit mode is newly added to fotojet, it can do more things than you can imagine. So try it.

Edit can change the size of your photo by resizing, croping and rotating. You can adjust photo’s exposure and color easy. The Auto enhance option help you beautiful your photo and what you need to do is click the button on the top of the left side. Besides these, you can give your photo some advanced edit, such as sharpen, dehaze, vignette, noise, focus, color splash and selective filter.


Then, you can add effect to photo. FotoJet provide you kinds of effects, like black & white, sepia, vintage, chromatic, lomo, old photo and scene, you can use the ones you love to pretty photo.  You can also adjust its intensity as you need. If you want, add some text or clipart to it.


Now, let’s add overlay and frame to it. Overlay can make photo looks dreamful and frame can add some beauty to photo. Here you have lots of choices about which overlay and frame to use, you can click all of them one by one to have a quick preview to see which ones will fit your photo most. After you decided, click Apply to save your edit.


Did you find FotoJet is a nice tool? If so, what are you waiting for? Just try it out and make your own creations.

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