CloudMounter to take you for a Walk in the Clouds

The idea of having access to one’s data from anywhere anytime seemed to be utopian not too long ago. But things have changed rather rapidly – now we have a broadband Internet connection wherever we go, we always carry one or another computing device with us, and employing a remote server to keep your data available at all times is actually a norm these days.

Apart from making your data easily accessible, cloud storage services offer other advantages. One of them is freeing space on your hard drive. We all know how quickly it gets filled up, and no matter how many additional drives we buy, they are never enough. It’s high time you keep all those gigabytes of your data online. Moreover, your hard drives might get lost, stolen or corrupted, a laptop or desktop might crush, but no such thing can happen to a remote server. Something tells us that the companies that provide cloud storage services look after their servers much better than you do after your computing devices – that’s another benefit.

As for security: many would have a doubt whether it is safe to keep your sensitive information on some cloud. It is very safe, trust us. The possibility of unauthorized access to your online data is much lower than of unauthorized access to the data kept locally on your laptop. Cloud services use top-notch security technologies; it is unlikely that many individuals can afford such expenses.

Now, how does one manage contents stored on a cloud? How do you upload and download data, view and restructure your folders there? Most users rely on native app clients to do it and not many are aware of a catch there. These clients actually force you to duplicate data – you store it both on your hard drive, in the folder dedicated to the service, and on a cloud. You thus don’t get to free any space on your hard drive, although you get all other benefits of cloud storage services.


CloudMounter is a software tool that allows you to use all the advantages of cloud storage services without exception. The application mounts cloud storage services on your Mac, and you can browse through their contents as if they were stored right on your Mac. However data gets copied to your Mac only when you choose to open a folder or file on a cloud.

Also, CloudMounter supports multiple services – Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, Amazon S3, as well as WebDAV and FTP/ FTPS/ SFTP protocols. This makes it a single access point to all the cloud services and remote servers.

The app is really easy-to-use: each of the supported services is assigned a button in the app’s window. To connect to a service click the corresponding button, enter your login and password and click “Mount” – your data stored on the cloud will be displayed in Finder.

Using CloudMounter is absolutely safe – you connect to the services via native APIs, while passwords to access FTP and WebDAV servers are stored in the Keychain.

The developer announced that additional encryption will be added in one of the nearest releases of the app.

You can check out the app’s functionality for free for 15 days. Once the trial period is over, you can purchase the app either from the developer’s website or Mac App Store. Please note that the edition distributed via App Store has a limited functionality, due to Apple sandbox restrictions, and does not use FUSE for OS X system component. The standalone version has proved to be more stable.

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