Elmedia Player PRO – play and download everything on Mac

Today we will talk about Elmedia Player, Eltima’s alternative to QuickTime Player

OS X comes with a default media player, and some users are quite happy with it. But if you are not, we suggest checking out Elmedia Player PRO by Eltima Software.

Elmedia Player PRO is the paid version of Elmedia Player. Even the basic functionality of this app available for free leaves that of QuickTime Player far behind. First, it supports many more media formats, including FLV, SWF, XAP, DIVX, DAT, etc., it opens DVD VIDEO_TS folders. Second, thanks to the built-in web-browser you can surf Internet directly from the app and open videos via optional bookmarklet. The web-browser can parse video, audio or Flash content from any URL. The app allows you to compile media playlists.

What would make you pay for an Elmedia Player PRO, you might wonder, if you already get so much with the free version? Let us see.

PRO pack allows you to download and convert online media into a required format – be it a video, RTMP stream or animation. For example, you can convert Flash EXE files into SWF format and extract the audio track from a video in MP3 format. The app enables you to take screenshots from a video, and you can have fun turning your favorite video clip into a photoalbum.

Playing back large HD videos is never a problem to Elmedia Player PRO, thanks to hardware accelerated decoding. There is a convenient option called ‘Open Online Video’ that makes many things much easier, e.g. you can be sure that the audio track is always in sync with subtitles.

In short, Elmedia Player PRO is an excellent alternative to QuickTime Player. It makes up for everything you ever missed in the default OS X app – not to forget the download feature. The app is compact and reliable, and you will appreciate its clean UI and intuitive navigation. Make sure to give it a try.

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