How to Recover Deleted Files from SD Card?

Alright Freaks, this is one of the most common and one of the most frequently asked questions of our visitors about if it is possible to recover the deleted files from SD Card. It is really painful to watch your files are wiped away from your SD card accidentally or willingly when you were angry or may be some virus attack or some utility cleaning software deleted your files. But the biggest question is if there is any way around to get your files back?

The answer is yes, and here is how. Let me introduce Hdata Recovery Software, the software which has all the answers to your problems. With Hdata Recovery you will be able to recover all of your deleted or removed files from your SD card.

3-Step to Recover Deleted Files from SD Card:

1) Free download and Install the latest version, launch HData Recovery Software and you should see the interface blow.  For SD Card Recovery, please click the 3rd button “U-Disk & Memory Card Data Recovery”, before that you should connect your memory card with the PC via card readers.

You may download the free data recovery software here:


2) HData will scan the lost files into the SD Card with Read-Only Model, which keep your original data is safe and clean. Don’t stop the process or use the PC while scanning or searching the deleted files.


3) As you can see, all lost files which can be recoverable will be listed in the result list. If you find out the target files you would like to recover, check the box and click Next to get files back. You just need to select a path to save those recovered files.


Let me list some frequently asked questions so that you can understand what files can be recovered using this software.

  1. Can you recover files from unreadable SD Card?

A: Well, let’s just say if your SD card is physically broken then it is very very hard to get your files back. But Hdata Recovery uses a very powerful scanning process, so if your SD card is readable even a very little bit, it can help you to recover all your deleted files.

  1. Can you recover files if the system says ‘The drive is not formatted’?

A: Yes, it can recover files from your SD card even if it says the drive is not formatted. The reason why you see this message is because you never safely removed your SD cards. So when your SD card is reading or writing your files you pull your SD card out and it becomes unreadable which is why you see this message. But despite the fact you can easily recover your files using Hdata recovery.

  1. How can you increase the data recovery success rate?

A: Well, first of all after you have deleted your files, please stop panicking. I do understand you are very anxious and worried if you will ever get back your data or not but for the time being just calm down. First of all, turn off your PC and let it rest and stop using SD card so that it can recover from where you left. Do not make any changes, means; do not save any files after you have deleted files from your SD card. You will be easily able to recover your files if you follow these instructions.

  1. Can you recover images from your SD card?

AL The answer is yes. This is what this software is all about, recovering your files from your SD card. Doesn’t matter if it is image or documents or files, it uses a very powerful scan process to pull your deleted files back so that you can restore them easily.

  1. How to recover your deleted files from SD card?

A: The process is very simple. First go to Hdata Recovery official website and download their trial version. Save it in your PC and run it. Install the program and open it, after that it is pretty self explanatory and you will just have to follow the instruction. The software will then run a scan process which may take few minutes depending on the size your SD card and after it will show all your deleted files from where you will be able to restore them in your computer.

Hope this helps and I hope that you get your precious deleted files back using this software. Also do remember if you face any problem you can go to their website and ask their support representatives to help you.

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