How to recover files from external hard drive with Hdata Recovery Software

Guys, this is one of the most asked question in from our visitors that how to recover files from our external drives. Now, this is not a new that you have deleted your files knowingly or unknowingly but the thing is that you need them back now and you cannot find any way to get them back. But we have come up with a solution now, and that’s where Hdata Recovery Software comes to play. With Hdata Recovery Software, recovering your files is very easy and it is 100% working.

What kind of conditions this software can recover files from?

Now recovering files from Hdata Recovery software is easy but you need to know at which kind of conditions this software can recover your files from. Here are the following conditions from which you will be easily able to recover your files from:

  1. If you have formatted and erased the files from external hard drive.
  2. If you have removed or deleted your important files from the external hard disk.
  3. If some antivirus or virus or cleaning utility software deleted your files.

Usually these are the situations when a user deletes their files and it is 100% possible to get them back with Hdata Recovery Software. It is very important that you use the right software or tool to recover your files before you delete them permanently.


How to get your deleted files using Hdata Recovery Software?

First of all go to their official website and download the trial version. After you download and install the software, the rest of the work is pretty self explanatory. You simply run the software and let it scan your entire external hard disk to find your deleted files. It takes several minutes to retrieve all the deleted files depending on the size of your external hard drive.

After it is done scanning your whole hard drive, it will show you all the deleted files on the screen and then you will have the option to restore all your deleted files. As easy as that.

If you have any questions, here is the list of frequently asked question; you can follow the video to see all the FAQ. Moreover, they have 24X7 support helpline so that you can ask any query you have.


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