How to Share USB over Ethernet

USB Network Gate formerly known as USB to Ethernet Connector enables sharing USB devices over Internet, LAN or WAN. With the help of the application you can access contents and functionality of remote USB devices from wherever you are, as long as you are in the network.

USB Network Gate makes it possible, for example, to send documents for a printout to your colleague’s MFD while working from a cafe, or watch what is happening at home via a webcam while waiting for your flight at the airport. Your actual location is no problem for USB Network Gate. The application works across platforms – Linux, Mac OS X and Windows.

Access USB devices over network

More often than not we do not have physical access to devices we need. USB Network Gate solves this problem by allowing you to access them remotely over network. It also provides you a way to protect a shared device from unauthorized use by setting up a password.

Access USB devices in virtual environment & blade servers

Virtual machines and blade servers typically do not provide access to USB ports of a host machine. To get an instantaneous access to them, install USB Network Gate on the guest OS. The software supports VMware, VMware ESX, Citrix XenDesktop and Microsoft Hyper-V compatible!

Access USB devices over Remote Desktop Connection

The disadvantage of working via remote desktop protocol is that it does not allow you to connect to local USB ports. USB Network Gate not only fixes the issue, it also enables automatic detection and connection to a shared USB device from a remote machine.

Access USB devices over Wi-Fi

Working with USB Network Gate does not require reconfiguring your existing network. Your colleagues can get a remote access to a USB device over wireless connection already set up in the office. Everyone in the network can use shared USB printers, scanners, etc. as if they were attached locally.

Access USB devices exclusively

USB Network Gate enables exclusive access to a device, i.e. you can assign it to a specific user for the duration of a session. Nobody else is allowed to access it then. This feature is supported for USB flash drives and cameras in testing mode.

USB Network Gate 7.0 and later versions support ICA protocol by Citrix.

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