PhotoBulk to edit images in bulk on your Mac

Those who regularly upload images online would know that even minimal editing for multiple images requires a significant amount of time and effort and the right piece of software can make all the difference here. PhotoBulk by Eltima Software enables you to edit images in bulk, and the set of feature it offers is just what most of us need for sharing pictures on the Internet.

Let us have a closer look at PhotoBulk’s functionality:

  •       Resize and optimize.

Resizing and optimizing images is a much-required feature these days, most web sites have restricted the size of the images they accept. Fair enough, their servers have a limited capacity too. PhotoBulk supports all popular images formats, including JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP and TIFF. You can fit your images to the exact pixels or tell the application the percentage of the original images’ size you want to retain.

  •       Rename.

Renaming images helps you organize your library in an easy and convenient way. Seriously, you can’t expect yourself to know that images DSC_23XO to DSC_48XU are the pictures you clicked while walking in the park last weekend. But if you give them recognizable names such as CentralPark_XXX, they will make much more sense to you, and you will be able to locate them instantaneously.

  •       Create and add a watermark.

Well, to add or not to add a watermark to one’s images has become a dilemma for many. Anyhow, if you decide that this is the way you want to protect your images from unauthorized use, go ahead. PhotoBulk will help you with it – you can choose a text or image watermark, set parameters such as size and opacity and use a per-pixel controller to place them on images.

  •       Convert images.

This feature becomes available to you once you perform one of the above operations.

PhotoBulk allows you to preview images before making final changes, and your original images remain intact so you can return to them whenever there is a need.

The app is compact and easy-to-use. The clean minimalistic interface is in tune with Apple minimalistic design; Mac owners will certainly appreciate it.


To process images, ‘drag-and-drop’ them into the app’s window, choose a required operation and click ‘Start’. Hundreds of your images will be edited in a matter of a minute or two. You can save frequently used parameters as presets to minimize time and effort even further.

The application is available for download in the Mac App Store, there is a trial version for you to check out the functionality.

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