Typeeto – Share your Mac Keyboard with other Devices

How many computing devices does an average person use? ‘Average’ among those who get to read these lines. That’s right, a lot. How many of these devices are equipped with touch screen? That’s right, a lot.


If you have to work with multiple devices on a regular basis, it is likely you are figuring out ways to make your workflow as effortless and efficient as possible. One of the first things you would want to do is to get a full-scale keyboard to use on your mobile devices with touch screen. Most people would rush to a nearest store to buy a fancy keyboard that would “work with all your devices”. Sure, it will. But why do you need to buy another expensive accessory if you already have your Mac and you can use it with all your gadgets too. A tiny application called Typeeto makes it possible. It allows you to pair devices – as many as you wish – with your Mac via Bluetooth. Each of the connected devices can be assigned a button or a hotkey, so you can switch between them in a matter of a click or a key press. For easier identification you can name devices as you please and specify the type of a device – tablet, mobile phone, etc.

Typeeto supports all iOS devices – iPad, iPhone, as well as devices that run on Android platform and Apple TV.


This is how it works – download the app on your Mac, turn Bluetooth on – both on your Mac and a device to be connected, pair the device with your Mac. Say, you have connected your iPhone to Mac to type a long message and send it to your friend. Open ‘Messages’ application on your iPhone and start typing on your Mac, the text will be displayed on the iPhone’s screen instantaneously. Once you are done, tap ‘Send’ button on your iPhone – that’s it.

If you need to connect to another device, disconnect from your iPhone and select another device in the Typeeto menu. Else, assign a hotkey to each device.

Mac OS Sierra and iOS 10 have brought ‘universal cut & paste’ which is kind of similar to what Typeeto offers, but if you appreciate things like user experience you would certainly see the difference between this feature and actual text entering with the help of Mac keyboard.

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