Uplet to post on Instagram from Mac

“There is no end to perfection”, and Instagram is no exception. Every new release of the Instagram app brings in new features and improvements enabling us to do more stuff. However we are still waiting for the major changes to take place. What are they? First, it would have been wonderful if we could upload pictures straight from a desktop. We agree, initially Instagram was meant for sharing images taken on mobile phones. But things keep evolving and now we see more images taken on DLSR cameras and edited using desktop software. So if you want to post such pictures you first have to get them on your mobile somehow and only then upload them to Instagram. That seems to be unnecessarily complicated, doesn’t it? Another thing we would love Instagram to change is the restriction on pictures upload to one at a time.  There is always a lot to share, and if you want to share a bunch of funny images with your friends, posting them one by one can be somewhat frustrating.


The thing is that we aren’t even sure whether Instagram is planning to make these changes, or may be they currently do not fit in the product’s concept. What are we going to do about it then?

Go for a third party software solution called Uplet. The application allows you to upload multiple pictures to Instagram at once – directly from your Mac, so you retain their original quality. Having uploaded pictures in bulk, you can edit them one by one and add a caption to each of them using hashtags and emojis.

Okay, maybe we should summarize the benefits offered by the app:

  •      Post pictures directly from Mac
  •      Post as many pictures at a time as you want
  •      Crop images to the standard square frame or keep the original dimensions
  •      Set captions using hashtags and emojis

Uplet is currently priced at US $20, a reasonable price for such a handy app.

A note for oneself – although you can now post multiple pictures, make sure not to bore your followers to death – choose the best images and make sure to add witty captions to them.




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