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At a first glance downloading from the Internet seems to be a no-brainer task. Right-click on a file or a video you’d like to download, wait for the context menu to be displayed, choose ‘Save As’, specify a destination folder and wait till it gets downloaded – that’s it, right? Not really. A lot of what you see online is not downloadable, or rather not downloadable with the help of your browser. So if you regularly save online content on your local folder, a special utility such as Folx might be really handy. Not only it helps you download files on your hard drive, it also enables you to do it in the most convenient and efficient way. The app’s developer, Eltima Software, is known for the wide range of software solutions it has designed for Mac OS X and Windows. They have just released the newest version of the app, Folx 5.0 features a completely revamped interface. Actually, Folx is more than just a download manager, it also serves as your Bit Torrent Client. The download speed is really good, thanks to the app’s ability to split the contents into multiple threads. The more threads are there, the faster your download is. How’s that? TCP or Transmission Control Protocol allows splitting content into streams, another name for ‘threads’. The speed of download of each of them is limited, it is not related to the bandwidth of the connection, Why the most part of users choose Folx download manager?

so increasing it does not help. What helps is increasing the number of threads. Paid version of Folx can work with as many as ten threads at a time, while the free edition can split downloads into two threads, which might be good enough for files of a smaller size. The app can pause and resume downloading, and this can save your day if your Internet connection gets interrupted while you are half done with saving a huge file. Of course, it’s not as bad as in the old days when we used to have 56K modems and a jerky connection, but still you would want to save your time and effort for doing better things. You can schedule downloads, so the work gets done without your intervention while you are asleep or busy with other things. To organize your library better, you can assign tags to downloaded files. Allocating bandwidth between different processes running on your machine optimizes traffic, i.e. now you don’t have to worry about not being able to browse the Internet during the download. Most of the functionality discussed above is offered only in PRO version of the app. For $19.95 you get a lifetime license that includes important updates such as bug fixes. If you need a lifetime upgrade guarantee, i.e. access to the new versions of the app, it will cost you another $9.95.

Apart from splitting the content into 20 threads, torrent search engine, traffic allocation, download scheduling, PRO version has a password manager and integration with iTunes and YouTube. To conclude: Folx 5 is a must-have tool for those who regularly download stuff from all over the Internet. It is especially helpful if your Internet connection leaves a lot to desire for. Even if you opt for a free version of the app, it makes a lot of difference to how you download online stuff.

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